1974 Half Dollar Value Guide (‘’P ‘’, “D”, ‘’S’’ and Error Coins)

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Half Dollar

The 1974 marks the 11th production of the Kennedy Half Dollar. Since its release in 1964, this coin has undergone many changes that affected its price. How this change affects the estimated price of the coins, we’ll know with this 1974 Half Dollar Value Guide.

1974 Half Dollar Value Summary

1974 Half Dollar

Below is the estimated price for the 1974 Half Dollar. The 1974 Half Dollar is a pretty standard coin series with more than 280 million minted. So, it’s no surprise that its circulated value is not that high.

Mint Location Mintage Coin Series Estimated Value
Philadelphia 201,596,000 1974 50C MS $0.60 to $75.00
Denver 79,066,300 1974 D 50C MS $0.60 to $325.00
San Francisco 2,612,568 1974 S 50C PF $1.15 to $22.50
1974 S 50C PF CA $1.25 to $25.00
1974 S 50C PF UC $10.50 to $2,300.00

The lowest value belongs to the Philadelphia Mint at $0.60 to $75. That said, it also produced the greatest number of coins for that year. The Denver Mint has the same base value at $0.60. However, its highest uncirculated value can reach up to $325.

When it comes to the higher quality proof coins, it starts at $1.15 to $10.50. Meanwhile, it can have the highest value of $22.50 to $2,300 for the Ultra Cameo.

The Kennedy started as a silver coin in its first release in 1964. However, due to the Coinage Act of 1965, the 1974 belongs to the half-dollar clad coin with a melt value of $0.1029.

1974 Half Dollar Details

  • Category: Kennedy Half Dollars
  • Obverse Designer: Gilroy Roberts
  • Reverse Designer: Frank Gasparro
  • Metal Composition: Copper-Nickel Clad Copper
  • Weight: 11.34g
  • Diameter: 30.6mm
  • Edge: Reeded

Gilroy Roberts was swift to begin his work on the obverse side. While his skilled partner, Frank Gasparro, focused on creating the design for the reverse side featuring the presidential seal. With their long experience, the two experts were the ones chosen to design the Kennedy Half Dollar.

1974 Half Dollar obverse feature

The front of the coin includes an image of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, facing to the left. Alongside the bust are inscriptions of “LIBERTY” on the rim at the top and “IN GOD WE TRUST” near the bottom. The release date, 1974, is also displayed in a curve along the lower edge of the coin. If a mint mark is available, it will be present in the upper part of the mint year.

1974 Half Dollar reverse feature

The reverse of this coin features distinctive elements, such as the US Presidential Seal as a centerpiece. The country’s name, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” is along the upper part of the coin’s edge. Meanwhile, the denomination “HALF DOLLAR” is on the bottom rim. Lastly, the initials ‘FG’ are present underneath the right eagle’s talons.

How Much Is A Regular Strike 1974 Half Dollar?

With the P and D Half Dollar, there is only one variety, the regular strike. Below is the estimated price tag these coins have.

1974 Regular Strike Half Dollar Grading and Value
Grading 1974 P 1974 D
G to EF $0.60 $0.60
AU 50 $0.60 $0.60
AU 58 $0.65 $0.65
MS 60 $1.00 $1.00
MS 61 $2.50 $2.50
MS 62 $4.00 $4.00
MS 63 $6.00 $6.00
MS 64 $10.00 $10.00
MS 65 $20.00 $20.00
MS 66 $75.00 $55.00
MS 67 / $325.00

As you can see, there is not much difference when it comes to their value, whether it came from the Philadelphia or the Denver Mint. This goes to show that the value is reliant on the grading of the coin rather than the mint location.

1974 P Half Dollar Value

1974 P Half Dollar Value
1974 50C (Regular Strike) Kennedy Half Dollar

Philadelphia Mint produced the most coins for this year, with a total of 201.5 million. Many of these coins can still be found in circulation today. These facts affected the price of the coin, making it relatively low.

In circulated condition, these coins typically range in value from $0.6 to $0.65, depending on their overall condition. Even uncirculated coins are common, as they were well produced by the mint.

This results in a market value of $1 for an uncirculated MS-60 Kennedy coin and an increase to $20 for an MS-65 grade. However, for higher-grade coins such as MS-66, which start to become scarce, values begin to increase significantly, with an average worth of $75.

1974 D Half Dollar Value

1974 D Half Dollar Value
1974-D 50C Doubled Die Obverse (Regular Strike) Kennedy Half Dollar

The Denver Mint produced a lower number of Half Dollar coins compared to the Philadelphia Mint. In 1974, almost 80 million coins were stamped with the “D” mark. This makes the coin commonly found, and its value is significantly low.

Its value is quite similar to that of the 1974 P half-dollar. In circulated grade, it has a value of $0.60 to $0.65. It’s not that far from its face value.

Even uncirculated 1974 D coins can be purchased for $1 at the lowest MS-60 grade. However, as the grade of the uncirculated coin increases, so does its value. An MS-64 coin sells for around $10 and reaches $55 for an MS-66.

Meanwhile, the highest estimated price for the D Half Dollar is $325 for the rarer MS-67. It’s a stark jump due to only 27 grades available according to the census.

1974 S Proof Half Dollar Value

1974 S Half Dollar Value
1974-S 50C, DCAM (Proof) Kennedy Half Dollar

Unlike regular strike coins, these proofs were unique in their quality and finish. Back in 1974, the San Francisco Mint struck a limited number of proof coins ─approximately 2.61 million, to be exact. You can differentiate it with the distinctive “S” mint mark, a trademark of the San Francisco Mint.

It might be rarer than a regular strike, but there are still many of these coins in circulation and mint condition today.

1974 S Half Dollar Grading and Value
Grading 1974 50C PF 1974 50C PF CA 1974 50C PF UC
PF 60 $1.15 $1.25 /
PF 61 $1.50 $1.75 /
PF 62 $2.00 $2.25 /
PF 63 $2.50 $2.75 /
PF 64 $3.00 $3.50 $10.50
PF 65 $4.00 $5.00 $13.50
PF 66 $6.50 $7.50 $15.00
PF 67 $9.00 $10.00 $18.00
PF 68 $12.50 $15.00 $25.00
PF 69 $22.50 $25.00 $55.00
PF 70 / / $2,300.00

When valuing proof coins, experts take into consideration elements such as toning and strike characteristics.

The standard proof coins provide the least amount of value at $1.15 to $22.50. The Cameo Proof is not that far behind, at $1.25 to $25. These coins are often seen as common across higher mint states, so they also have a lower price.

Lastly is the Deep Cameo Proof, which has the highest amount of strike quality out of all the 1974 half-dollar coins. It also has the highest estimated base price of $10.50. You can easily find the lower grades as they are available among many collectors and auction houses, except for PF-70 DCAM proofs which are very rare and valuable.

This gives the PF-70 the highest estimated price of $2,300. It’s a high jump from the PF-69 with $55 as an estimated price.

1974 Half Dollar Error Coins

There are several notable instances of 1974 Half Dollar error coins. These include defects such as die strikes or clip errors or more significant ones such as double die obverse errors. The value of these error coins can vary greatly, with some fetching hundreds of dollars, while others only worth a few.

1. 1974 Half Dollar Planchet Error

1974 Half Dollar Planchet Error

Clip planchet errors happen when a part of a coin blank is missing. It often results in a mishap when striking the coin and the blank is not secured. What makes clipped planchet coin quite rare is its straight clip, as most clip error results in a curved clip.

This particular 1974 Half Dollar, exhibiting a 35% straight clipped error, is priced at $849.97 and has a grade of MS-65.

Compare that to another clipped planchet error, this one is a sample of a curved clip.

1974 ANACS MS63 Large Clip Kennedy Half Dollar
1974 ANACS MS63 Large Clip Kennedy Half Dollar Sold for $299.97

It’s a much more common error than the straight clip. With that, it has a lower price of $299.97.

2. 1974 D Half Dollar FS-101 DDO-001 Error

1974 D Half Dollar FS-101 DDO-001 Error

Coming from the Cherrypicker‘s Guide, the 1974 half-dollar has some samples of the FS-101 error variety. It means that it has a double die obverse error.

A doubled die coin is an unusual type of coin that was created by a minting error. It happens when the coin’s die used in the minting process is engraved with a double image by mistake.

The error is more noticeable on the left side rim of the coin. As this example coin is more subtle, it has a price tag of $295.

1974-D Half Dollar DDO FS-101 Value
Grading Price
50 $30.00
58 $32.00
60 $34.00
62 $36.00
62+ $38.00
63 $50.00
64 $65.00
64+ $80.00
65 $125
65+ $200
66 $1,750

In Conclusion

Common and quite new, the 1974 Half Dollar has a relatively lower value. However, some errors and uncirculated coins can provide a higher value than the regular strike. As long as you have half-dollar coins like that, it can give a higher price than the face value!

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