1977 Eisenhower Dollar Value (‘’P ‘’, “D”, ‘’PF’’ and Error Coins)

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The 1977 mintage, which precedes the final production year, marks the 7th year of production for the Eisenhower Dollar. Does this year provide high value for this particular coin? With this 1977 Dollar Coin Value Guide, we’ll know the estimated price tag and the caveats that affect this coin’s value.

1977 Dollar Value Summary

According to our research, below is the price range for the 1977 Dollar coin. One of the stark details in this data appears in the P and D mintage. Despite being different mint locations, they have the same value. Along with that, the regular strike has a higher price point than the Proof coins.

Mint Location Mintage Coin Series Estimated Value
Philadelphia 12,596,000 1977 $1 MS $1.05 to $1,900.00
Denver 32,983,006 1977 D $1 MS $1.05 to $1,900.00
San Francisco 3,251,152 1977 S $1 PF $10.00 to $20.00
1977 S $1 PF CA $11.00 to $25.00
1977 S $1 PF UC $15.00 to $50.00

The base price for the circulated regular strike is not that higher than the coin’s face value, starting at just $1.05. However, the proof coins provide more base value at a $10 to $15.

Even though it’s common for most old dollar coins to be silver, the Ike Dollar isn’t one of them. It’s made with a cupronickel clad. Which also affects the melt value of the coin, having a price of $0.2043.

Well, this estimation does not give the whole picture for this mint series. Some coins have some factors that give them higher value, which we’ll get into below!

1977 Dollar Coin: Historical Background

1977 Eisenhower Dollar

The “Ike Dollar,” or Eisenhower Dollar, was created in honor of the beloved former President, Dwight D. Eisenhower. The moniker comes from the late President’s nickname.

Eisenhower contributed significantly to the establishment of NASA, the agency instrumental in propelling America’s major interstellar victory: landing on the moon. It was only fitting for the Treasury Department to select him as the prominent face on this commemorative coin.

The Eisenhower Dollars is a pretty short-lived coin series, only running for eight years (1971 to 1978). It affected the 1977 Dollar production as the mint locations produced lesser and lesser amounts. It’s done to make way for the production of the successor series: The Susan B. Anthony Dollar.

1977 Eisenhower Dollar Details

  • Category: Eisenhower Dollars
  • Weight: 22.68g
  • Diameter: 38.1mm
  • Obverse and Reverse Designer: Frank Gasparro
  • Composition: Copper-Nickel Clad Copper
  • Edge: Reeded

1977 Eisenhower Dollar obverse feature

The obverse showcases a portrait of Dwight D. Eisenhower, facing the left as the centerpiece. On the top of the coin is the word ‘LIBERTY,’ with the bottom side having the year of mintage. On the left side of the bust is the phrase ‘IN GOD WE TRUST.’ If there’s a mintmark, it will be on the left side of the coin, between the portrait and the mint year.

1977 Eisenhower Dollar reverse feature

On the reverse, we see the iconic emblem of Apollo 11, the groundbreaking NASA mission that successfully landed humans on the moon for the first time in 1969. The top of the coin is lined with the country’s name and motto ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM.’ Meanwhile, the bottom has the denomination ‘ONE DOLLAR.’

How Much Is A 1977 Dollar Coin?

As revealed by our research, below is the price range for the regular strike P and D 1977 Dollar. As noted above, there is not much difference when it comes to the price for the standard 1977 Dollar, regardless of the mint location.

1977 Regular Strike Dollar Value Chart
Grading 1977 P Dollar 1977 D Dollar
Good $1.05 $1.05
Fine $1.05 $1.05
Extremely Fine $1.05 $1.05
AU 50 $1.10 $1.10
AU 58 $1.25 $1.25
MS 60 $2 $2
MS 61 $5 $5
MS 62 $7.50 $7.50
MS 63 $12.50 $12.50
MS 64 $17.50 $17.50
MS 65 $25 $25
MS 66 $75 $80
MS 67 $1900 $1900

1977 P Eisenhower Dollar Value and Auction Records

1977 P Eisenhower Dollar value
1977 $1 (Regular Strike)

Much like many coins from the Philadelphia Mint then, the 1977 P Dollar has no mintmark.

When it comes to its value, The 1977 P Dollar has a fairly low base price ─at $1.05 to $1.25. However, there is a steady rise in the uncirculated grade, having a price of $2 to $1,900.

This 1977 MS-67 Dollar provides the most significant price tag to the P Dollar, with a value of $3,600. The Stack’s Bowers put it up for bidding in March 2021.

1977 MS-67 Dollar
1977 $1,MS67 Sold at $3,600

Another significant 1977 MS-67 Dollar, this one was sold for $3,055.00 by the Heritage Auctions in 2016.

1977 D Eisenhower Dollar Value and Auction Records

1977 D Eisenhower Dollar Value
1977-D $1 (Regular Strike)

The 1977 Eisenhower Dollar bearing the “D” mintmark had a total production of 32,983,006 coins. It’s the highest mintage that year!

When it first circulated, most of these coins were commonly found within the casino industry. That’s why these coins are not commonly found in everyday transactions. However, they are more widely distributed as the time goes by.

The 1977 D Dollar is considered an ordinary coin. The base value barely exceeds its monetary face value, with a worth between $1.05 to $1.25 each.

However, the prices rise for uncirculated grading from a mere $2 to $1,900 per coin. It’s due to the rarity of coins with a grade of MS-67 and higher.

The most valuable 1977-D Eisenhower Dollar is this MS-67 coin, sold for an impressive $7,637.50 in 2016. This coin is the highest regular strike coin sold for the 1977 series, excluding the errors.

1977 S Proof Eisenhower Dollar Value

1977 S Proof Eisenhower Dollar Value
1977-S $1, DCAM (Proof)

The San Francisco Mint produced a good number of Proof coins in 1977. Also, a lot of them are available in excellent uncirculated state. With most of the ones graded have a grading of MS-67 to MS-69.

1977 PF Dollar Value Chart
Grading Proof (PF) PF Cameo (CAM) PF Ultra Cameo (DCAM)
MS PF 63 $10 $11 $15
MS PF 64 $11 $12 $16
MS PF 65 $12 $13 $17
MS PF 66 $13 $14 $18
MS PF 67 $14 $15 $20
MS PF 68 $15 $20 $30
MS PF 69 $20 $25 $50

With that, the prices for this particular proof coin are fairly low. As the table provides, there is no big price gap between the Proof, Cameo, and Ultra Cameo coins.

1977 Eisenhower Dollar Error Coins

With the standard coin value listed down, let’s get into the more significant error coins. It will come as no surprise that these coins provide higher value than the regular dollars.

When it comes to this facet, the 1977 Dollar offers one of the most sought-after error coins: The 1977 D Dollar struck on a 40% silver planchet. However, it might come as a surprise that the ‘D’ error coin is struck in the San Francisco Mint. A handful of silver planchets had been mixed with the copper-nickel clad ones, which were then struck with 1977-D dies.

As noted in the history part of the article, 1977 is a product of the new law that lets the US Mint produce coins with clad metals rather than the traditional silver ones. However, some of these coins are struck in the existing silver planchet. Only a few of these coins exist in the market. This rarity significantly enhances their value.

1977-D Eisenhower Dollar Struck on Silver Planchet

1977-D $1 Eisenhower Dollar Struck on Silver Planchet

For example, this silver planchet MS-63 1977 D Dollar is sold for a staggering $17,625 by Heritage Auctions. This error coin marks the highest price for any 1977 Dollar.

1977-D $1 MS-63 Struck on Silver Planchet

1977-D $1 MS-63 Struck on Silver Planchet

Another significant sample is this MS-63 1977 D Dollar, which is sold for an excellent amount of $12,925. The same auction house put it up for bidding.  

1977 Eisenhower Dollar Double Curved Clip Mint Error

1977 D Eisenhower Dollar Double Curved Clip Mint Error

There is a common, yet quite unfortunate, mistake in the coin-making process: clip errors. These occur when a metal section is unintentionally punched out from a blank sheet. The result is an incomplete coin, referred to as a “clipped planchet” in numismatic terms.

It’s important to note that various clip and strike errors involve the same mistake process. However, larger clips tend to carry more worth and are thus sought after by collectors.

Just like this particular D Dollar with a price tag of $349.97.  

How To Tell a 1977 Silver Planchet Error from A Cupronickel Coin?

With the slew of silver planchet error circulating the market, there is a chance that you might stumble into one! Here are some steps you can take to differentiate a silver to a clad dollar.

Firstly, assess the weight of the coin ─a crucial component in determining its composition. A silver error coin will be heavier than its counterpart owing to the higher metal density. The cupronickel variety, on the other hand, will feel considerably lighter.

Next, examine the coin’s surface and closely examine any visible wear or oxidation. Cupronickel coins often have rougher edges and pronounced oxidation, especially at a lower grade. Silver error coins tend to possess a much shinier surface.

Additionally, due to copper properties, you can observe distinct orange or brown strip around the edges of clad coins.


Even though the regular strike 1977 Dollar coins do not provide much value, having an uncirculated state or error coin can deliver high prices. Even well into the thousands! Therefore, closely examine your 1977 Eisenhower Dollar to see if it possesses any of these valuable characteristics.

1977 Eisenhower Dollar Value chart

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