2001 Lincoln Penny Value (“D”, “S”, ”P‘’ & Rare Errors)

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A 2001 Lincoln Penny has a base value of $0.25 to $400. These values consider the strike characteristic, mint state, and location. Generally, you can expect the market price to be lower as it’s part of the 2000s series.

Although, there are a few gems you can look for to get a better price, like the rare error coins. Later, we’ll delve deeper into it, so ensure not to miss out on each table.

Quick Guide: 2001 Penny Base Value

Here’s a summarized table based on different specifications to give you a quick price difference for each. (Note that these are base values from the market sale estimate. But it can go higher, depending on the current trend).

Mint Location Mintage Strike Character Base Value




MS RD $10-$400
MS RB $0.50-$10






MS RD $0.50-$10
MS RB $7.50-$355
MS RD, Prooflike $10-$20

San Francisco



PF RDC $1.50-$15
PF RDU $0.25-$100

2001 Lincoln Penny Specification

2001 Penny value

The U.S. produced about 10 billion mintage for the 2001 Lincoln Penny. It has three varieties — one with no mint mark and the other two with S and D on the obverse side. They also issued a proof version for preservation and collection. Aside from the mint, below is the other feature of the 2001 penny:

  • Series: Lincoln Penny 2001
  • Metal Composition: Copper-plated (2.5%), Zinc (97.5%)
  • Obverse Designer: Victor D. Brenner 
  • Reverse Designer: Frank Gasparro
  • Diameter: 19 mm
  • Mass: 2.5 grams
  • Edge: Plain

The obverse side of a 2001 Lincoln Penny still features the original design in 1909 by Victor Brenner. That is the bust of President Abraham Lincoln with the same inscriptions. However, the reverse side changed with the Lincoln Memorial design by Frank Gasparro.

How Much Is The 2001 Lincoln Penny Worth?

Unlike the past years, the 2001 series does not fall from its face value. On average, it can sell at a base point of $0.50-$0.60. Although, there is one that is worth a fortune. Based on PCGS record, a 2001 Penny MS69 Red was sold at $707 by the Heritage Auction Firm. But let’s look into the considerations before we affirm its current market value.

2001 Lincoln Penny: Mint Strike Characteristics

Like any coin, the 2001 Penny price varies based on strike characteristics. The majority of the series production is red (RD)—in mint state and proof. But to give you a further idea of how the NGC grades it, let’s quickly discuss some of its basic rules.

Those categorized as RD have 85% or more of the original red polish. Conversely, the RB strike should have at least 15% of the original red gloss. Anything below 15% falls under the BN category.

With that said, many may think that the less luster it is, the less worthy. But, for trained numismatists, it is not the premium color you pay for. So let’s see the price differences, considering the mint location, mint state, and its toning.

2001 Philadelphia Penny Worth

2001 Philadelphia Penny Worth

Philadelphia has a total mintage of 4 billion for the 2001 Lincoln series. And here’s what it’s worth based on the NGC estimates.

2001 Philadelphia Lincoln Penny Price Guide
Grade MS Red (RD) Luster MS Red-Brown (RB)
MS 60 / $0.50-$0.60
MS 61 / $0.75-$0.85
MS 62 / $1-$1.50
MS 63 / $2-$2.50
MS 64 / $3.50-$4
MS 65 $10-$11 $5-$6
MS 66 $12.50-$13.50 $7.50-$8.50
MS 67 $15-$25 $10
MS 68 $55-$90 /
MS 69 $400 /

Data Source: NGC Coin

 A 2001 penny can range from $0.50 to $400 for the Philadelphia Mint. Additionally, those with red luster and in pristine condition can reach a value of $500 to $700 based on a 2013 and 2008 auction by PCGS. Meanwhile, the RB strike is only 2.5% of the former, selling at a lower base value of $10.

2001 D Penny Worth

2001 D Penny Worth
2001 D Lincoln Penny

Denver has a total mintage of 5 billion for the 2001 Lincoln series. And here’s what it’s worth based on the NGC estimates.

2001 D Lincoln Penny Price Guide
Grade MS Red (RD) Luster MS Red-Brown (RB) MS RD, Prooflike
MS 60 $0.50-$0.60 / /
MS 61 $0.75-$0.85 / /
MS 62 $1-$1.50 / /
MS 63 $2-$2.50 / /
MS 64 $3.50-$4 / /
MS 65 $5-$6 $7.50 $10
MS 66 $7.50-$8.50 $10 $20
MS 67 $10 $15 $30
MS 68 / $35 /
MS 69 / $355 /

Data Source: NGC Coin

As mentioned earlier, the RD pennies do not always mean it is worth more than the other. A good example is this Denver Mint table above. For this coin production, the average base price is $0.50 to $355. And according to PCGS, the highest auction record for a 2001 D fetched $1,150. That is twice the amount of the Philadelphia mint. Lastly, the proof version of the Denver Mint costs around $10 to $30.

2001 S Penny Worth

2001 S Penny worth
2001 S Lincoln Penny

San Francisco has a total mintage of 3 million for the 2001 Lincoln series. And here’s what it’s worth based on the NGC estimates.

2001 S Proof Lincoln Penny Price Guide
PF 60 / $0.25-$0.35
PF 61 / $0.50-$0.60
PF 62 / $0.75-$0.85
PF 63 / $1-$1.25
PF 64 / $1.50-$1.75
PF 65 $1.50-$1.75 $2-$2.50
PF 66 $2.50-$3.50 $4-$5
PF 67 $5-$5.50 $6.50-$7.50
PF 68 $6.50-$7.50 $8.50-$11.50
PF 69 $15 $20
PF 70 / $100

Data Source: NGC Coin

The 2001 Proof Lincoln Penny from San Francisco has a base value of $0.25 to $100. It is evident that it is not much like the other Mint locations. To back it up, the auction history by PCGS only reports a price of around $10 to $300. Additionally, most grades listed are PR70 to attain such a high market price.

What Errors Are On The 2001 Lincoln Penny?

According to Heritage Auctions, the 2001 D Lincoln Penny Muled with a Roosevelt Dime Reverse is among the highest auction records in the series. It sold for $66,000 in a 2022 auction— with a grade of MS65. Now let’s jump into the other 2001 error coins on the market, including their value.

10% Off-Center Strike Error — 2001 MS 64 RD

2001 penny MS 64 RD

The off-center mint error value depends on how much the misplaced percentage is. If it is a modern coin and the date is typical, expect it to have a lesser value. But if the off-center is above 25% and the penny is uncirculated, it can reach around $100.

Linear Plating Blister Error— 2001 D Lincoln Penny

2001 D Lincoln Penny Linear Plating Blister error

This type of error occurs when there is a weak bond between copper and zinc. When struck, a blister forms from the heat and pressure on the plating. Sometimes, it may appear circular or linear, similar to that in the photo. The value of this type of error can range from $10 to $20. But there are cases where it can reach up to $100.

Brockage Error — 2001 Lincoln Cent

2021 Lincoln Cent Brockage Error

Brockage error happens when minted coins are impressed onto another planchet. It may come out as a full brockage, with the whole coin face covered. Sometimes, it may show as partial with half of the face coin missing [like in the photo]. In terms of value, the former is more valuable. Conversely, the latter sells at less than $100, especially if it is a modern coin.

Major Struck Through Grease Error — 2001 P Obverse and Reverse

2001 P Obverse and Reverse Major Struck Through Grease Error

Coins with struck-through grease errors have an obscured effect on the design. Some coin inscriptions are impossible to read, and others have missing elements. That is due to the dense material that gets clogged in the die. On average, a minor filled die may reach $3 to $8, while for massive errors, it can tally up to $100 to $200—considering the grade as well.

Double Die Reverse (DDR) Error — 2001 Memorial Philadelphia Penny

2001 Memorial Philadelphia Penny Double Die Reverse (DDR) Error

DDR error is among the most common types of errors in the 2001 Lincoln series. As seen in the photo, there are additional lines on the monument columns. It can also be present on the Lincoln statue or on other parts of the memorial. With this type of error, it can fetch up to $10 to $50 in good condition.


A 2001 Lincoln Penny is quite common in general circulation. You may even stumble upon an MS 60 (or even above) condition and trade it for the base price.

Although, expect most of the variety you’ll find in your loose change are those with a D mint mark. If you’d like to collect the unique 2001 Lincoln series, it is best to keep your eye on the error coins and those with an S mint mark in pristine condition.

2001 Lincoln Penny Value

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