1954 Half Dollar Value Guide (‘’P‘’, “D”, ‘’S’’ & Error Coins)

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Half Dollar

The 1954 Franklin Half Dollar is a sought-after coin. It’s not only for its old age, but this coin series also uses silver as its material. Let’s get into the 1954 Half Dollar Value Guide, along with the different factors that give this coin its price!

1954 Half Dollar Value Summary

The following is the latest estimated price for the 1954 Half Dollar by the NGC. It’s based on the grade from the G-4 grade to the highest Mint State.

Mint Location Mintage Coin Series Estimated Value
Philadelphia 13,188,202 1954 50C MS $9.25 to $325.00
1954 50C MS FBL $24.00 to $14,350.00
1954 50C PF $30.00 to $4250.00
1954 50C PF CA $45.00 to $7,000.00
1954 50C PF UC $275.00 to $18,500.00
Denver 25,445,580 1954 D 50C MS $9.25 to $4850.00
1954 D 50C MS FBL $18.00 to $12350.00
San Francisco 4,993,400 1954 S 50C MS $9.25 to $2,100.00
1954 S 50C MS FBL $23.00 to $13250.00

For this year, the Philadelphia Mint does not provide the highest amount of mintage, totaling over 13.1 million. The highest belongs to the Denver Mint at an astonishing 25.4 million.

Meanwhile, the lowest mintage is from the San Francisco Mint at 4.9 million. This is due to the fact that this mint location only serves as a supplementary production.

1954 Half Dollar Details

  • Category: Franklin Half Dollars
  • Obverse Designer: John R. Sinnock
  • Reverse Designer: Sinnock but finished by Gilroy Roberts
  • Metal Composition:90% Silver and 10% Copper
  • Weight:50g
  • ASW:3617oz
  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Fineness:9
  • Thickness:8 mm
  • Edge: Reeded

1954 Half Dollar obverse feature

The obverse side of the half-dollar showcased a bust of Benjamin Franklin facing the right. Chief engraver John Sinnock based this design on a statue sculpted by artist Jean Antoine-Houdon.

The word ‘LIBERTY’ is featured at the top near the edge, while the motto ‘IN GOD WE TRUST is directly opposite at the bottom.’ In addition, the mintage year 1954 can be seen on the right side near Franklin’s chin.

1954 Half Dollar reverse feature

The reverse design features the Liberty Bell along with its iconic crack. On top of the coin, the country name sits, while the coin value sits at the bottom. At the sides of the bell, the saying ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’ sits at the left, and a bald eagle is present on the right.

How Much Is A 1954 Half Dollar?

The following is the estimated price range for the MS, which not only refers to the Mint State grading but also stands as an abbreviation for the Regular Strike version of the 1957 Half Dollar. Coins from this series use the lowest quality die as they are mainly used for circulation.

1954 Regular Strike Half Dollar Grading and Value for Each Mint Location
Grading 1954 P 1954 D 1954 S
Good $9.50 $9.50 $9.50
Fine $9.50 $9.50 $9.50
Extremely Fine $10 $10 $10
AU 50 $10.25 $10.25 $10.25
AU 58 $11.50 $11.50 $11.50
MS 60 $17.50 $17 $18.50
MS 61 $18.50 $18 $20
MS 62 $21 $20 $20
MS 63 $22.50 $25 $22
MS 64 $35 $35 $38
MS 65 $60 $70 $55
MS 66 $325 $470 $215
MS 67 / $4850 $2100

As you can see, there are almost no differences between the base prices for different mint locations. Most of the noticeable price hikes are between the grade M66 and higher.

1954 P Half Dollar Value

1954 P Half Dollar Value
1954 50C (Regular Strike)

During the year prior, there was a significant decrease in the production of half-dollar coins at the Philadelphia Mint. It’s due to the master hubs for this coin displaying visible evidence of decreasing details.

The smoother hairlines on the image of Franklin and the intricate lines on the depiction of the bell were no longer easily discernible. This issue is still present in the 1954 mint production. Due to this poor production, certified examples with Full Bell Lines are scarce beyond MS-65.

NGC Price Guide reports that a circulated 1954 Franklin Half Dollar is valued at $9.50 to $11.50. In contrast, on the open market, 1954 Half Dollars in uncirculated condition sell for up to $475.

1954 D Half Dollar Value

1954 D Half Dollar Value
1954-D 50C Obv Die Clash FS-402, FBL (Regular Strike)

In 1954, the largest number of half-dollar coins was produced at the Denver Mint, a record that was broken in 1962. This means that the 1954 D half dollar is easy to come by, especially in circulated conditions.

Its appearance is also better than those produced in Philadelphia. So, Denver Mint has the highest MS-67 grading versus the MS-66 for Philadelphia. According to the NGC Census, there are only two MS-67 1954 Half Dollar currently graded.

Despite having the highest amount of mintage for a regular strike for 1954, the Denver Mint also has the highest estimated price out of every mint location. This is due to the scarcity of the Mint State coins from the ‘D’ coins, as most of them have been in circulation. So, its high amount of production resulted in a higher price for the coins in excellent mint condition.

Based on the valuation data from the NGC Price Guide, a circulated condition can be bought anywhere between $9.50 and $11.50. However, MS-67 coins have an estimated price of $4850.

1954 S Half Dollar Value

1954 S Half Dollar Value
1954-S 50C (Regular Strike)

The Franklin Half Dollar ever produced by the San Francisco Mint is notorious for its poor strikes caused by severely worn dies. During production, the mint producers were aware that the series was nearing the end. Thus, they did not prioritize quality control for any coins minted in 1954.

According to the NGC Price Guide, a Franklin Half Dollar from 1954 in the circulated condition is worth between $9.50 and $11.50. Meanwhile, the MS-67 coin can go as high as $4,750.

1954 Half Dollar Full Bell Line Value

The Full Bell Line is a unique designation for the Franklin Half Dollar. This exclusive line is highly sought-after by collectors, thanks to its superior craftsmanship and an elevated die. In comparison to the Regular Strike, the Full Bell Line boasts a sleeker and more refined appearance.

1954 Half Dollar Full Bell Line vs regular strike

To be considered as a Half Dollar coin, the PCGS states that it needs to have a grade of MS-60 or better. For a coin to qualify for this designation, it must have complete and uninterrupted lower lines on the Liberty Bell.

1954 MS FBL Half Dollar Grading and Value for Each Mint Location
Grading Philadelphia Denver San Francisco
MS FBL 60 / $18 $23
MS FBL 61 / $20 $24
MS FBL 62 $24 $22 $27
MS FBL 63 $30 $30 $37
MS FBL 64 $50 $50 $75
MS FBL 65 $115 $125 $240
MS FBL 66 $775 $700 $875
MS FBL 67 $14350 $12350 $13250

For their high quality struck, the Full Bell Line is very sought after by many collectors. Among these coins, the Full Bell Line 1954-S Half Dollar is considered one of the most valuable 1954 Half Dollar. In 2017, a coin graded at MS67 was sold for an impressive price of $13,853 in a Heritage Auctions.

1954 Half Dollar Proof Coin Value

1954 Half Dollar Proof Coin Value
1954 50C (Proof)

In 1954, the sales of Proof coin sets nearly doubled compared to 1953. This is due to an increase in the number of coin collectors, as well as an observation that buyers were ordering more sets. This can be attributed to the success of previous years’ proof sets, which proved to be a profitable investment for those who purchased them.

With the 1954 Proof Half Dollar, its price can go from $30 to $4,250. This is a bit lower for standard Proof sets prices, as there are 9,613 coins around.

1954 50C MS PF Half Dollar Grading and Value for Each Mint Designation
Grading 1954 50C PF 1954 50C PF CA 1954 50C PF UC
MS PF 60 $30 $45
MS PF 61 $35 $50
MS PF 62 $45 $60
MS PF 63 $60 $80 $275
MS PF 64 $75 $95 $400
MS PF 65 $90 $135 $650
MS PF 66 $115 $225 $1400
MS PF 67 $325 $430 $2600
MS PF 68 $800 $1900 $18500
MS PF 69 $4250 $7000 /

Although there is a decent availability of this year’s proof sets, only a small percentage are considered “Cameo Proofs.’’ In fact, only 2,188 coins are available, according to the NGC Census. So, it’s priced higher at $45 to $7,000.

The number of “Ultra Cameo” proofs is slightly lower than in 1953 but still significant. Using plastic sleeves from the Philadelphia Mint also resulted in undesirable toning for many 1954 proof sets. That said, it still has an excellent value at $275 to $18,500.

1954 Half Dollar Error Coins

Now that we have taken the value for the standard coins let’s get into the 1954 Half Dollar Error Coins. Most of these coins belong to some striking error, probably resulting in the old master hubs used in the 1942 production.

1954 Franklin Silver Half Dollar with Die Clash Error

1954 Franklin Silver Half Dollar with Die Clash Error value

A “die clash” happens when the two sides of the opposing die unintentionally collide without a blank in between. It causes designs from one mold to be imprinted on the other. The resulting impressions can be seen on the coins made after.

This 1954 Franklin Silver Dollar has a die clash happen in the reverse and obverse side of the coin. This one is selling for $129.95.

1954 Franklin Silver Half Dollar Bugs Bunny Error

1954 Franklin Silver Half Dollar Bugs Bunny Error

A unique variation of the Franklin Half Dollar features a gap in the upper lip, resembling the character Bugs Bunny’s prominent front teeth. This mistake results from a striking error between the two dies. This particular coin is up for sale for $46.95.

1954 Half Dollar Grading Based on Four Conditions Value

The grade of your 1954 Half Dollar is the foundation in which it’s value. Here are some features you need to look forward to when grading your coin.

Uncirculated State

The best desirable grade for a 1954 Half Dollar is MS-60 or above. At this grade, minor to no wear should be present on the coin.

The bust of Franklin shows no signs of blending between details and maintains a shiny silver appearance. Upon closer examination, his cheek appears contoured and consistent in texture when viewed from different angles.

Extremely Fine State

One can determine if a coin is in Extremely Fine (EF-40 to EF-50) condition by observing a slight reduction in mint luster around the design’s edges, indicating minimal wear. However, the majority of the polish should still be evident.

Fine State

With a grade of Fine (F-12 to F-15), the half-dollar displays visible signs of wear. However, finer details in Franklin’s hair and brow are discernible, although slightly flattened.

Though much of its luster has dramatically diminished, a slight shine is still evident. Overall, the coin maintains a clear appearance, with all of Franklin’s features clearly present.

Good State

The Good (G-4 to G-6) 1954 Half Dollar features Franklin’s face with significant signs of wear. The hair, in particular, lacks the intricate details seen in its original production. Also, most of the luster is gone, even when held under the light.


Are 1954 Half Dollar Worth Good Money?

Even in their base value, the 1954 Half Dollar can be worth $9.25. It’s $8.75 more than the coin’s face value.

Meanwhile, the melt value for the 1954 Half Dollar is estimated at $8.48541. This is based on the current price of silver. Check out this video to know more about the value of the 1954 Half Dollar.

What is the highest value of the 1954 Half Dollar?

In 2017, a 1954-S half-dollar was sold by Heritage Auctions for $13,853. This particular coin had Full Bell Lines and was graded as MS67 by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). However, NGC estimated that a 1954 Half Dollar with an Ultra Came Designation can go for $18,500.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the 1954 Half Dollar has a price higher than its face value. It’s also relatively easy to find, especially in lower grades. So, it’s a great addition or starting point for coin collectors!

1954 Half Dollar Value chart

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