1974 Roosevelt Dime Value (“D”, “S”, ”P‘’ & Rare Errors)

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The 1974 Roosevelt Dime is a good year choice for any keen collectors. That is most especially on dimes with the San Fransico mint mark—as the production focused on proof coins only.

Based on the NGC estimate, it can tally up above $300, while the circulated state values are around $0.15 to $0.25. If you want to know the specific detail of each grading, keep reading.

At a Glance: 1974 Roosevelt Dime Value

Before dissecting the nuts and bolts of each dime variety, here’s a quick look at its base range prices. (Note that the price presented are from the recent evaluation of NGC and may vary depending on the coin market.)

Grading 1974-D Dime 1974 Dime No Mint Mark 1974-S Dime PF
Good $0.15 $0.15 /
Fine $0.15 $0.15 /
Extremely Fine $0.15 $0.15 /
AU (50) $0.15-$0.25 $0.15-$0.25 /
MS (60) $1-$50 $1-$135 /
MS FT (60) $20-$615 / /
Proof / / $15-$375

Understanding The 1974 Roosevelt Dime

1974 Roosevelt Dime

The first design of the Roosevelt series was issued in 1946, a year after the president’s death. The 1974 Dime is among the versions where it forms from 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel.

The coin has a diameter of 17.9 mm and a weight of 2.27 g, much lighter than the predecessor design. Additionally, its edges come reeded as the previous made prevent the silver from getting clipped.

John R. Sinnock, the designer, featured the portrait of Roosevelt on the obverse side with an arched inscription of the word “Liberty” on the left. And at the tip of the bust, you’ll find the small initials of “JS,” referring to the designer himself. At the bottom is the inscribed phrase “In God We Trust” and the mint year (1974).

The reverse side showcases three elements—a torch, an olive, and an oak branch. Each signifies liberty, peace, strength, and independence, respectively. It also has an inscription of the dime value, the words “United States of America” and “ E Pluribus Unum.”

The 1974 Roosevelt Dime Value

Like most coin, the 1974 Roosevelt Dime have three mint location—Philadelphia, Denver, and San Fransisco. All U.S. mintage stretched to over 1 billion with Denver producing the most.

1974 D Roosevelt Dime: Denver Mint Mark

1974 D Roosevelt Dime value

The 1974 D dime mintage soared over 5 million, surpassing the production from 1973 until 1979. But despite the number and metal composition, many coin enthusiasts find the version rare because of some mint error.

  • Mint: Denver
  • Mintage: 571,083,000
  • Mint Mark: D
1974 D Roosevelt Dime Grading And Value
1974 D Roosevelt Coin Value From NGC
Grading Mint State (MS) MS Full Torch
PrAG $0.15 /
Good $0.15 /
Very Good $0.15 /
Fine $0.15 /
Very Fine $0.15 /
Extremely Fine $0.15 /
AU-50 $0.15 /
AU-53 $0.15 /
AU-55 $0.15 /
AU-58 $0.25 /
MS-60 $1 /
MS-61 $1.50 /
MS-62 $2 /
MS-63 $2.50 /
MS-64 $5 $20
MS-65 $10 $25
MS-66 $15 $75
MS-67 $50 $615

As of August 2023, a circulated state 1974 Roosevelt Dime value at a base rate of $0.15 to $0.25. But some reach up to $0.35 depending on the condition. For a pristine uncirculated dime, it can fetch $50 and over $600 for full torch designation.

1974 Roosevelt Dime: Philadelphia (No Mint Mark)

1974 Roosevelt Dime Philadelphia

The Philadephia Mint does not fall much behind the mintage of Denver. However, the production quality struck in the former Mint is not the best, resulting in a rare grade of MS-65 and above.

  • Mint: Philadelphia
  • Mintage: 470,248,000
  • Mint Mark: None
1974 D Roosevelt Coin Value
Grading Mint State (MS)
PrAG $0.15
Good $0.15
Very Good $0.15
Fine $0.15
Very Fine $0.15
Extremely Fine $0.15
AU-50 $0.15
AU-53 $0.15
AU-55 $0.15
AU-58 $0.25
MS-60 $1
MS-61 $1.50
MS-62 $2
MS-63 $2.50
MS-64 $5
MS-65 $10
MS-66 $15
MS-67 $135

Philadelphia Mint does not differ from the price value of the Denver Mint, except for MS-67, which jumped from $50 to $135. That is, again, because of the rarity of pristine condition coin production in Philadelphia.

1974 S Roosevelt Dime PF: San Francisco Mint Mark

1974 S Roosevelt Dime value

Among the varieties, San Francisco has the lowest number of mintage, reaching only 2 million. But it also means the quality of the coins is incomparable as the grade is made for collectors and not for general circulation.

  • Mint: San Francisco
  • Mintage: 2,612,568
  • Mint Mark:S
1974 S Roosevelt PF Coin Value
Grading Mint State (MS) PF Cameo PF Ultra Cameo
PF-60 $0.45 / /
PF-61 $0.50 / /
PF-62 $0.55 / /
PF-63 $1.30 / /
PF-64 $1.85 / /
PF-65 $3.50 $5.75 $8.50
PF-66 $5.50 $8.75 $11.50
PF-67 $8.75 $11.25 $12.50
PF-68 $11.25 $12.50 $14
PF-69 $15 $17 $75
PF-70 / / $375

As expected, proof coins from San Francisco offer a higher price value than the two other mints. The price can range from $0.45 to $15 on average grade proof 1974 dime. But it can reach as high as $375, depending on the quality of the frostiness.

1974 Roosevelt Dime Error

The 1974 Roosevelt dime offer valuable mint error that piques the interest of many coin enthusiast. An example is the straight clip error auctioned for $44 and a partial obverse brokerage for $31. And if you’re hunting for one, here are a few open to the general public.

Off-Center Coin Strike Error – 1974 D Roosevelt Dime

1974 D Roosevelt Dime Off-Center Coin Strike Error value

It is typical to find an off-center strike error on a coin due to misaligned planchet placement. [In the photo] The transcript overlaps with the edge, leaving an open space on the right. Its current value is about $10 to $30, but it might increase if the off-strike percentage is high.

DDO Error Coin – 1974 No Mint Mark Dime

1974 No Mint Mark Dime DDO Error Coin value

Like an off-center coin, the double die obverse value increases as the doubling appears solidly. In the inscription, you’ll find extra lines outlining the prior element. Some varieties can reach up to $152, considering the mint state and rarity. Conversely, circulated dime with DDO usually sells for $5 to $9.

Broad struck Dime – 1974 High-Grade Error Coin

1974 High-Grade Error Coin Broad struck Dime value

A collar prevents the planchet from expanding outside the desired diameter of a coin. However, when a blank gets struck out of it, it develops an error called broadstruck. Coins with this type of error often have a misshaped rim. This values around $6 to $20, based on year and grade.

Struck Through Grease Error – 1974 Dime

1974 Dime Struck Through Grease Error value

This error occurs when the grease gets on the planchet and strikes the coin. The result is a faint design due to poor pressure to create a clear inscription. In some cases, the letters are completely gone. For this error type, the price play around $3 to $8.

Die Chip Error – 1974 Roosevelt Dime

1974 Roosevelt Dime Die Chip Error value

Die chip errors are minimal imperfections, appearing as raised mounds of metal not included in the design. Those with more evident cud errors make it more valuable. But, if you need a tool to look closely through the cud, expect it to have a lesser value. Some may reach $100, while others sell as low as $8.

1974 Roosevelt Dime Insigthful Auction History

The 1974 Roosevelt Dime showed promising coin value, especially the proof variety. So now, let’s look into the auction stats throughout the year and see the estimated prices.

The 1974 D Roosevelt Dime has had a good auction history since 1997 based on NGC Auction Central.The average price all year amounted to $158.93, with the majority having a grade of MS 65.

With its sale history, PCGS noted the highest recorded auction for a 1974-D Dime amounted to $1,020 in 2020. The record in 2015 follows with the value of $940 for an MS-67 dime.

Now, compared to Denver, Philadelphia Mint only offers a few insightful auction histories. But despite this, it has a higher average price reaching $246.14. The 1974 dime with no mint mark has an auction record of $375.00 based on PCGS. The sale in 2017 followed through with a value of $109 for an MS67.

Lastly, we all know how valuable a 1974-S Proof Dime is. According to PCGS, the auction record for this variety is valued at $2,079.00. Recently, in October 2022, it garnered a sale price of $666 for a PR69 Cameo. And it’s only a few since other grades sell around $100 to 400 yearly.


The 1974 Roosevelt Dime is worthy of attention as each variety shows a clear price difference. Average circulating coins value around $0.05 to $0.35, while the pristine condition can reach over $600. But with the proof variety, it is clear that it’s valuable among the rest. With an auction history of almost $3,000, the 1974 dime sure made a mark on its own timeline.

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