1997 Washington Quarter Value (“P”, “D”, “S” Mint Mark & Rare Errors)

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Are you wondering how much your 1997 Washington Quarter is worth? If you have one under your care, this value guide will give you a comprehensive pricing list from poor to proof condition.

On average, a 1997 quarter values at $0.30 to $8.50. However, in pristine condition, it can reach values up to $500. In this article, we also included error coins to look out for if you’re a collector or want to sell one. So be sure to check it out as well.

At a Glance: 1997 Washington Quarter Value

Here’s a summarized base range of the 1997 Washington Quarter based on NGC estimates. (Note that these are averages, not specific prices. It may change from time to time and does not present short-term trends).

Grading 1997 P Quarter 1997 D Quarter 1997 S Quarter
Good $0.30 $0.30 /
Fine $0.30 $0.30 /
Extremely Fine $0.30 $0.30 /
AU $0.40-$0.75 $0.40-$0.85 /
MS $1-$115 $1.50-$500 /
PF (Proof) / / $4.60-$65

The 1997 Washington Quarter Feature and Build

1997 Washington Quarter Value

The Washington Quarter originates from the birth anniversary of the first U.S. president. The first mint came in 1932, and the 1997 quarter is among the series with rare versions worth the money.

And compared to the 1932 to 1964 silver version, the 1997 metal composition is 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel. It has a diameter of 24.3 mm and a mass of 5.67 grams.

With the design, it wasn’t an easy decision as some panels view it as unsuited as medallic art. But in the end, the Treasury Secretary settled with the coin plan by John Flanagan.

At the center of the obverse side is a bust of Washington facing towards the left with an inscription of the word “Liberty” arched above. The motto “In God We Trust” is also seen on the left field and the mint year at the bottom (1997). Then on the reverse side is a heraldic eagle encircled by the coin value and the United States of America inscription. Last is the motto “E Pluribus Unum” above the eagle’s head.

The 1997 Washington Quarter Value

The 1997 Washington Quarter has three varieties from the U.S. Mint—Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. The 1997 quarter total mintage amounted to 1.1 billion, with a few stored for collection and historical archive. Now let’s look into each variety’s mintage and estimated value.

1997 P Washington Quarter: Philadelphia Mint Mark

1997 P Washington Quarter Philadelphia Mint Mark value

  • Mint: Philadelphia
  • Mintage: 595,740,000
  • Mint Mark: P

The 1997 Washington Quarter value in circulated condition value around $0.30 to $8.50. Although MS66 can go as high as $20, depending on the quality. On the open market, an uncirculated, undefiled condition quarter costs around $115.

The 1997 MS67 Philadelphia Mint Quarter market cost peaked at an all-time high in 2014 and at the beginning of 2015. However, it dropped from $215 in the following years before settling into a hundred dollars. Most grades auctioned for the past year are MS67, followed by MS 66.

1997 P Washington Quarter Value List
Grading Code Value
Good G $0.30
Very Good VG $0.30
Fine F $0.30
Very Fine VF $0.30
Extra Fine XF $0.30
Almost Uncirculated AU50 $0.40
AU53 $0.40
AU55 $0.50
AU55+ $0.60
AU58 $0.75
AU58+ $0.85
Mint State MS60 $1.00
MS60+ $1.50
MS61 $2.00
MS61+ $2.50
MS62 $3.00
MS62+ $3.50
MS63 $4.00
MS63+ $5.00
MS64 $7.50
MS64+ $8.50
MS65 $10.00
MS66 $20.00
MS67 $115.00


1997 D Washington Quarter: Denver Mint Mark

1997 D Washington Quarter Denver Mint Mark value

  • Mint: Denver
  • Mintage: 599,680,000
  • Mint Mark: D

The same with Philadelphia Mint, the 1997 D Washington Quarter offers a base value of $0.30 to $8.50. There is a slight increase in MS-60 grades and above—valued at $1.50 to $20. But the MS-67 value is lower than the previous table, from $115 to $70. MS68, conversely, has a high potential amounting to $500.

The current auction record for this variety is $978, based on PCGS history. The MS68 1997 Denver Mint Quarter coin value remained unchanged for three years. The average grade up on the market is MS66, which value decreased from its previous price of $45.

1997 D Washington Quarter Value List
Grading Code Value
Good G $0.30
Very Good VG $0.30
Fine F $0.30
Very Fine VF $0.30
Extra Fine XF $0.30
Almost Uncirculated AU50 $0.40
AU53 $0.40
AU55 $0.50
AU55+ $0.60
AU58 $0.75
AU58+ $0.85
Mint State MS60 $1.50
MS60+ $2.00
MS61 $2.50
MS61+ $3.00
MS62 $3.50
MS62+ $4.00
MS63 $5.00
MS63+ $6.00
MS64 $7.50
MS64+ $8.50
MS65 $10.00
MS66 $20.00
MS67 $70.00
MS68 $500.00


1997 S Washington Quarter PF: San Francisco Mint Mark

1997 S Washington Quarter value

Since 1975, the San Francisco Mint dedicated itself to producing exclusive proof coinage. Among the variety, their production is the lowest to ensure pristine condition coins for collectors and archival purposes.

For this variety, they minted two types. The first is in clad composition (91.67% Copper and 8.33% Nickel), and the other is a silver arrangement (90% Silver and 10% Copper).

  • Mint: San Francisco
  • S Clad PF Mintage: 2,055,000
  • S Silver PF Mintage:741,678
  • Mint Mark: S
1997 S Washington Quarter Value List
Grading Clad DCAM
PF60 $4.60 $9.20
PF61 $5.75 $10
PF62 $6.75 $10.50
PF63 $8.50 $12
PF64 $10 $13
PF65 $12 $14.50
PF66 $13 $15
PF67 $14 $17
PF68 $16.25 $20
PF69 $20 $26.25
PF70 $60 $65

The 1997 S Clad Quarter is valued at around $4.60 to $60, a little higher than the other varieties. It also goes to show with the DCAM version, valued around $9.20 to $65. But based on PCGS, the highest recorded value during an auction fetched $495 in 2003 for a 1997-S Silver PF 70 DCAM.

1997 Washington Quarter Error

The 1997 Washington Quarter production have error coins that can offer valuable price. The off-center quarter alone can already give you a good return. So if you have one in saving, you may want to check out the other list of 1997 errors below.

Obverse Die Crack – 1997 Quarter Circulated Condition

1997 Quarter Circulated Condition obverse die crack error

Die crack happens when the die struck on the planchet has missing pieces. It often presents as a raised metal, adding unnecessary elements to the image. On the market, its price value can reach $10 to $20. But expect those with die breaks to be pricier.

Broadstrike Error – 1997 D Washington Quarter

Broadstrike Error - 1997 D Washington Quarter

This error type is easy to spot as one side has more space than the other. It is common in coins that get struck outside the collar; thus, the design looks misplaced. The value can range around $5 to $50, depending on the year rarity and the coin condition.

9% Off-Center Mint Error – 1997 P Washington Quarter

Broadstrike Error - 1997 D Washington Quarter

The off-center error differs from the broad strike error in that the former has missing elements, while the latter still features the whole design. [In the photo] It is visible that the word “United” have incomplete marking. Thus the letter “T” looks like “I.” For the coin value, the more off-center it is, the pricier it gets—around $50 to $100.

DDO Error Coin – 1997 P Washington Quarter

DDO Error Coin - 1997 P Washington Quarter

Double Die Obverse (DDO) Quarter Error present with a doubling of the elements. From the photo example, the letter “O” shows a prominent lining on the side. This type of error is valued at $3 to $4, but some high-grade can trade for $50 to $100.

Improperly Annealed Obverse Mint Error – 1997 P Quarter

Improperly Annealed Obverse Mint Error - 1997 P Quarter

This type of error features different coin toning. The obverse side may show discoloration from copper, while the reverse side appears silver. Sometimes, it can be a combination of both. On the open market, it can sell for about $4 to $10. But there are instances where the error resulted in a classic look, thus fetching a higher value of around $30 to $40.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the mint mark on the 1997 quarter located?

The mint mark is situated on the obverse right side field. The quarter may have the initial “P,” “D,” or “S,” depending on the Mint location.

How much is the 1997 D Washington Quarter worth?

According to NGC, the base price starts at $0.30 and can reach $0.85, while a higher grade quarter can cost around $1.50 to $500.

What is the rare year for the Washington Quarter series?

Here are five Washington Quarters valued at more than $500:

  • 1935 D Washington Quarter
  • 1934 D Washington Quarter
  • 1936 D Washington Quarter
  • 1932 S Washington Quarter
  • 1932 D Washington Quarter

The 1932 version can tally around $4400 to $12000.


The 1997 Washington Quarter has over 1.1 billion mintage in combined areas of Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. The average circulated quarter has a minimum price value of $0.30.

Proof uncirculated quarters, conversely, have a base price of $4.60 and can fetch values up to $65 or even $500 for specific error coins. The error coins also have worthy values, so don’t miss one, as you might have it in your pocket.

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